iPad Learning Summit 

"Moving from consumption to curation and creation"

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Working together to make the Summit possible!

Thomas Creighton

Co-Founder - iPad Learning Summit;
Head of Learning - Compu b, UK & Ireland;
Owner -  Technology Made Easy
Apple Professional Development Consultant
Apple Education Trainer
Thomas Creighton is an educational technologist with extensive experience working within all levels of education - to create, promote and deliver professional development training for educators, that supports the UNESCO vision on 21st Century Learning Skills. He believes technology can bridge gaps and build inclusive environments for students from a variety of backgrounds, accessibility requirements and learning styles and has worked closely with local and national bodies to develop education policies and programmes that support these requirements. 'Technology use should be based on its educational value within any given lesson.'
He continues to be an invited speaker at conferences worldwide and has facilitated training of educational leaders to ensure that technology use is aligned to learning objectives in both pedagogy and andragogy settings. 
He has taken up the role of Head of Learning for Compu b in UK & Ireland - to develop and assure the quality of the Professional Develop offerings that it delivers to partners within education.

Keith Young

Co-Founder - iPad Learning Summit;
PHD Student & Occasional Lecturer - Maynooth University
Keith is a PhD candidate and occasional lecturer in Maynooth University‚Äôs Department of Education, where he works on various modules of the Professional Master of Education courses with a focus on the effective use of technology in education. His PhD research focuses on the impact that mobile technology has on relationships of learning between students and teachers. His wider research interests include mobile learning as a practice paradigm, leadership for mobile learning and socially-connected learning spaces. Keith holds an MSc in Education Management (elearning) from Dublin City University. Keith continues to work with schools on their mobile learning programmes and provides professional development courses to teachers in schools and education centres nationwide and has recently returned from an extended professional development programme with teachers in China.