iPad Learning Summit 

"Moving from consumption to curation and creation"

The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn't even think to ask

180 Degrees South

Designed to cater for the professional development and training needs of teachers who are currently on an iPad journey and those who want to develop their skills in the use of iPads in the classroom. The Summit looks to enable these education professionals to imagine, practice and implement strategies that can transform teaching, learning and assessment practices. 

The Law Society of Ireland is home to an Apple Distinguished Programme with its Mobile Professional Learning programme and a pioneer in the use of mobile devices in education in Ireland, and we are delighted that they will be hosting the iPad Learning Summit, on November 3rd 2017.


Every journey must start somewhere. Our Spring programme is designed to build the confidence and competency of teachers who are starting out on their journey of adopting iPads into their classroom. From the initial beginnings of learning the fundamental skills needed for using the iPad in everyday lessons right through to developing more involved lesson plans for students that will support their needs, develop their productivity and creative muscles, and ensure that real learning takes place.

  1. Foundations for Teaching & Learning (The fundamental tools you will need for everyday teaching)
  2. Enhancing Productivity/Fostering Creativity (Building lesson plans that develop your students productivity and creativity which complement your subjects and not detract)
  3. Supporting Learning (Building the support structures for students with additional needs)
  4. Assessment Toolkits (Ensuring learning takes place)


Who should attend:

- Teachers (any subject) who have recently joined an iPad school (or looking to become an iPad school), wishing to reach a better potential of using the device.

- Education professionals already involved with an iPad environment looking to pursue a greater depth of knowledge on how iPad can transform, learning and assessment practices

- PME students looking to gain more experience in developing lesson ideas that can be supported using iPads.

- Any teacher looking to refresh their skills and use the device as an authentic teaching and learning tool.

- Principals looking to introduce iPads to staff, and looking for authentic uses of the iPad as an education tool.

I have been teaching Geography for 25 years and am relative new convert to Technology. A summit like this is well overdue ! I'll be looking to the summit to help grow my competence and confidence when using the iPad in the class room.

I'm hoping that the flipped classroom will offer me the opportunity to explore new and exciting ways of engaging the students in their own learning using the tools of the iPads.

Mary O'Connell - Malahide Community School